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What are our top tips to reduce plastic pollution?

The plastic crisis is increasing and having a serious impact on oceans, soils, wildlife but also on our health. Plastic has invaded our lives because plastic is cheap, easy to make, lightweight, and doesn’t break easily. Yet, we are seeing positive changes. For example, many countries are taking action to tackle plastic pollution, hence these last plastic bans everywhere. But, how can we fight the plastic invasion? What are the steps to make a difference?

Reduce or reuse plastic

The first step is obviously to stop buying plastic products. To reduce plastic use, think about replacing your disposable plastic bag with a reusable mesh bag. Also, bring your reusable bottle with you to avoid buying plastic bottles. These are probably the easiest yet most impactful things to do.

Also, as you may know, the most eco-friendly object is not the one you buy. So please, before throwing all the plastics you have at home to buy eco-friendly alternatives, think about reusing them as much as possible. And only after that, you can recycle them.

Rethink your relationship with plastic

The second thing to do is to be aware of your relationship with plastic. Do you often buy plastic products? Do you have plenty of them in your house while you don’t use them? Once you ask yourself about your relationship with plastic, it will be easier for you to avoid it.

You will realize that you don’t have to be dependent on plastic as they are so many beterre alternatives that are good for your wallet and the planet.

Make vintage fashionable again

First, as consumers, we should buy less and choose vintage options. If we do so, production will be forced to be rethought so it includes less virgin plastic and more reusing materials. If we take the example of the fashion industry, we can see that it’s changing. Many brands are looking into ways to reduce their impact. We have the example of “eco-conscious” lines which illustrates that brands are looking for sustainable textiles.

Also, you can just buy your things from thrift shops to make sure you’re part of the circular economy. There are many options nowadays. From apps such as Vinted or Leboncoin to apps that rent clothing, you don’t need to buy new outfits anymore. You can find sustainable and cheap options so easily now.

A plastic-free world for tomorrow

Plastic pollution is an issue from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic perspective. Indeed, “money” is thrown away after a single short use. So, let’s do beterre from now on and choose sustainable alternatives. If we don’t do it for ourselves, let’s do it for our children and future generations who deserve a better legacy.

Every actor needs to make a transition towards a plastic-free, clean, and sustainable world. We all have a role to play in rethinking our impact to invest in a beterre future.

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