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How to do beterre and choose an eco-friendly Christmas tree?

The Christmas songs, the magic, the smell of cinnamon cookies, Christmas is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year. But, as you know, celebrating Christmas also rhymes with waste. So, how can you do beterre and choose an eco-friendly Christmas tree? In this article, beterre will give you tips on how to choose your plastic-free Christmas tree.

Artificial or real tree?

Christmas without a tree wouldn’t really be Christmas, right? Otherwise, where would Santa Claus put the presents?  According to a study, an artificial Christmas tree emits the equivalent of 8.1 kg of CO2 as opposed to a real Christmas tree which emits “only” 3.1 kg of CO2.

The issue of the artificial tree is that it’s made of plastic and most of the time, it comes from Asia. Moreover, according to the same study, it’s said that your artificial Christmas would have to be used more than 20 years to be greener than buying a real tree every year. However, as you may know most people only keep it for an average of six years.

How to choose your real tree? 

Contrary to popular belief, Christmas trees are cultivated varieties, so by buying them we do not contribute to deforestation. Not only does the cultivation of those trees contribute to the creation of a “stable” ecosystem and help to fight against the risk of flooding, but it also creates jobs.

We, therefore, advise you to choose trees grown in France and which are organic. There are many labels for trees made in France. Above all, once Christmas is over, remember to drop it off at a collection point so that it can be recycled. You can always cut it up for composting if you wish.

How to do beterre? Other eco-friendly alternatives…

If you want to buy a more sustainable tree, while staying on a natural alternative, you can opt for a potted tree. But you could simply avoid buying a tree. In fact, there is a super eco-friendly alternative which is renting a Christmas tree. Companies such as Treezmas deliver a tree during the holidays that they will collect at the end. They will give it another life by replanting it. Otherwise, you can try to make your Christmas tree yourself. There are DIY trees that you can make yourself by assembling wooden boards for example.

One last tip, for the “tree decoration” step, you can think of reusing your decorations from previous years. You can also make new ones; all you need is a bit of creativity and imagination. And, it could be a great activity to occupy the children while educating them about ecology. See, you have many options to choose the perfect green Christmas tree!


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