Celebrating Christmas without plastic is possible, here are some tips from beterre

Gift wrap, Christmas cards, ugly sweaters, and crackers all contribute to plastic pollution. Indeed, as you know, celebrating Christmas has an impact on our environment. That’s why beterre has decided to share some tips on how to celebrate Christmas in a green way, greener than the Grinch.

Green surprises in the Christmas stockings?

My parents used to put little surprises like chocolates or candy canes in stockings. But you could start your “plastic-free Christmas” journey by opting for homemade treats (wrapped in paper). Then, instead of putting plastic toys in the stockings, opt for wooden surprises, for example.

It’s also a great opportunity to encourage your family to kick off their plastic-free journey. So consider hiding surprises in these stockings like solid shampoos, reusable bottles, or bamboo toothbrushes. These items could make their daily lives a little more planet-friendly.

Decorations ? Christmas cards ? DIY

If we find in many homes socks hanging by the fireplace, they are never the only decoration for Christmas. Tinsel, baubles, the famous “star”, it is difficult to avoid plastic when it comes to decorating the house. But it is possible! From dried oranges to pine cones, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives.

For instance, you can replace tinsel with paper chains (or popcorn and cranberry chains), you can paint pine cones instead of baubles, or make a star out of salt dough that you can use the following year. The possibilities are endless. All it takes is a little imagination.

Did you know that 2 billion Christmas cards are sent each year to the United States alone? The problem is most cards contain glitter and are often wrapped in plastic. So if you’re thinking of sending one, why not make it yourself? You could use recycled brown craft paper, markers and decorate them with items you can find around the house.

A “green” and organic Christmas meal

From carrots to Brussels sprouts, many of our favorite holiday products are packaged in single-use plastic. So when you’re shopping for your Christmas Eve meal, remember to choose local products that you can find at your local market. Also, don’t forget to bring your mesh bag. And, if you’re shopping at the supermarket, opt for fruits and vegetables in bulk. This reduces food waste because you only buy what you need.

Plus, you could make your own homemade treats instead of buying them in stores. By making your own gingerbread men, you are not polluting the planet. And, it’s also an opportunity to have a good time with your family.

Obviously, the most effective way to reduce plastic waste is to limit unnecessary purchases. The less you have, the merrier you will be. You see, it is possible to celebrate Christmas and make your loved ones happy while taking care of the planet. So, let’s do our best and say goodbye to plastic step by step.


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