8 eco-friendly gift ideas to celebrate Christmas in a greener and beterre way

Christmas is fast approaching. Every year, at this time of the year, we have to rack our brains to find the perfect gift that will please our loved ones. So, beterre has decided to help you in your quest by giving you a list of 8 eco-friendly gifts (zero plastic of course).

1 – Wooden toys

Do you want to offer a toy to your children (or your nephews for example), but you are afraid of not finding anything that is eco-friendly or plastic-free? Don’t worry! There are toys for children made from 100% natural wood pieces. These wooden toys don’t contain plastic and can be recycled (although it is better to give them away). There are even handmade toys made from organic fabric.

2 – Vegan candles

Scented candles are particularly trendy during the holiday season, especially at Christmas. You could therefore use this opportunity to offer your loved ones vegan, eco-friendly scented candles like those from Ponoie. Besides, they come with recyclable packaging so that’s amazing, right?

3 – A zero waste kit

Another option for eco-friendly (plastic-free) gifts is zero waste kits. For example, Localito‘s zero waste set contains a solid soap, a wooden cleaning brush, etc… Most cleaning kits are made from organic, biodegradable, and sustainable materials. So, this could be a good option to help your loved ones start their plastic-free journey one step at a time.

4 – Reusable bottles and mugs

You could help your friends and family get on the zero plastic journey by offering them a reusable water bottle or a coffee mug. The reusable bottles will allow them to stop buying plastic water bottles. And, therefore they could prevent plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or even worse, our oceans. Some reusable bottles can even keep drinks cold or hot for several hours, such as those from beterre.

Alternatively, you might as well offer reusable mugs for your loved ones who can’t go a day without coffee.

5 – Eco-friendly beauty products

You can make your loved ones happy by offering them organic, vegan, and even refillable makeup. Indeed, some brands use eco-friendly, refillable packaging. For example, they place their cosmetics in refillable bamboo makeup palettes rather than in single-use containers. And if you’re looking to offer a gift to a man, you could just opt for a zero-waste kit to take care of his beard.

6 – A pair of ethical and conscious shoes

If you are planning to buy a pair of shoes for a loved one, choose an ethical pair. Today, more and more brands are shifting towards producing sustainable shoes. You can now buy shoes made from sustainable materials, such as recycled leather and textiles. By offering this kind of shoes, you are helping to keep valuable materials out of the landfill.

7 – A second-hand gift?

We often think that buying a gift means necessarily buying something “new”. However, it is possible to please your loved ones by giving them a second-hand gift. For example, you could offer a “reconditioned” phone instead of buying it new. This gift will have the advantage of being doubly eco-friendly.

8 – Give your time

Christmas is above all a time for sharing, a time of happiness and hope. Thus, gifts do not always take the form of objects that we wrap and put under the tree. You can spend time with your loved ones and do activities together like camping. Giving a few hours of your time and making yourself useful by helping your family, or people in need is also part of the magic of Christmas.

You see, there are lots of options for eco-friendly gifts. Just think about wrapping them in an eco-friendly way with newspapers or fabrics. Isn’t it rewarding to give gifts knowing you’ve reduced your impact on the planet?

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